Pisco Elqui

Pisco Elqui is  relax, pure air, plenty of sun, a place of mystics and mysteries, nature and a lot more if you want to enjoy life. The village is located about 100 kms from La Serena, in the Andes mountains. Founded as "Las Gredas", the name was later changed to "La Union" and another time to "Pisco Elqui".

The majestic mountain range of the Andes surround the village, you will experiment unforgettable sunsets, clear night skies with billions of stars and an energy which is nourishing your soul.

There is a big variety of restaurants in Pisco Elqui, as well as several tourist agencies, astronomic tourism, massages, tarot lectures and a lot more of ways to entertain you and to know one of the most attractive valleys of the region.

For more information about Pisco Elqui, see: www.piscoelqui.com

What to do here

  • Mausoleum Gabriela Mistral, Montegrande
  • Museum Home School of Gabriela Mistral
  • Horse Riding
  • Bike Rental
  • Trekking 
  • Astrotourism and trekking : Refugio del Ángel
  • Restaurants:
    Durmiente Elquino, Destilería Mistral, El bosque Horcón, Hacienda Miraflores
  • Visit Pisco Distillery Los Nichos
  • Organic Vineyard Cavas del Valle
  • Pisco Distillery Monte Fraile /Capel in Montegrande
  • Excursions to villages of Alcohuaz, Horcón, Cochiguaz, Montegrande
  • Vineyards in Alcohuaz and Horcón 
  • Pisco Distillery Mistral in Pisco Elqui
  • Buddhist Stupa in Cochiguaz
  • Massages, Acupuncture
  • Restobar: Rustika , La Fogata